A delicious lunch at Gusto restaurant

Gusto’s idea is to offer simple Finnish dishes made from the best and most fresh ingredients available.
Gusto was founded to Espoo by two long term professionals, cook Abdellaziz Belhaj ja chef Khalid Belhaj. Both combine love and passion for food.

“We make food with our heart. Good food is simple. We choose good and clean raw materials and we use local food, “says chef Khalid Belhaj.

At Gusto restaurant there will be served daily soup, salad, two main courses for your choice and fresh home baked bread.

There are also catering services available. Contact us!

Open Monday-Thursday at 8-14 hours, Friday at 8-13 hours.

Lunch Monday-Thursday at 10-14 hours, Friday at 10-13 hours.

Address: Nuijalantie 13, 02630 Espoo
Tel + 358 50 3266194